Creating Video Ads Using Premiere Pro Plugins

As video platforms such as TikTok and the release of Facebook and Instagram reels gain prominence, short-form types of videos continue to attract online audiences. Thus, these platforms have evolved into spaces for the distribution of video ads.

Video ads are a form of digital marketing strategy that employs video content to communicate messages, and promote a product, service, or brand. These ads are usually short, easy to consume, and designed to capture a viewer’s attention quickly. Video ads can be displayed on various digital platforms, including social media, websites, mobile apps, and streaming services.

However, the use of video ads in the advertising sphere has become saturated. To stand out from the multitude of content creators, one effective approach is harnessing editing resources such as Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

Why Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It is widely used by filmmakers, video editors, content creators, and professionals in the media and entertainment industry to edit and produce high-quality videos. 

Video ad creators prefer Adobe Premiere Pro because of its comprehensive set of video editing features that allow them to manipulate video and audio content with unparalleled flexibility. It is also designed with a user-friendly interface that accommodates both beginners and experienced editors. Additionally, it offers cross-compatibility, supporting both macOS and Windows operating systems granting editors to employ the editor on their preferred device. 

Why Creators Are Using Plugins When Creating Video Content

Adobe Premiere Pro supports a vast library of third-party plugins and extensions such as Premiere Pro Transition Plugins. These enable video ad creators to enhance their videos with specialized effects, transitions, and additional effects, helping their content stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Plugins offer a wide range of visual effects that go beyond the standard editing capabilities of Premiere Pro. They empower video ad creators to infuse their videos with cinematic elements, refined color grading, and captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Additionally, plugins grant access to distinctive and fluid transitions, enabling seamless shifts between shots or scenes. Creators can also augment their content with text animations, motion graphics, and animated titles. Furthermore, plugins cater to specific needs such as 360-video editing or virtual reality (VR) effects. Most importantly they streamline the editing process, allowing editors to save time.

Crafting Compelling Video Ads Using Plugins

Effectively incorporating Adobe Premiere Plugins into the production allows video ad creators to craft visually captivating and strategically refined advertisements. These ads not only engage viewers but also align precisely with marketing objectives, resulting in improved outcomes and heightened brand exposure. 

Here’s how to create your ad using plugins:


Before diving into Premiere Pro, it is important to first establish a clear storyboard. This serves as the foundation for optimizing your visual engagement and structuring your narrative effectively to ensure message cohesiveness and resonance with your audience. Additionally, planning guarantees that your video ad content remains consistent with your brand’s voice, style, and values, upholding uniformity across all marketing materials. This step is crucial for maintaining a coherent and impactful storyline throughout your video.

Importing Footage

After preparing your storyboard, proceed to import your footage into Adobe Premiere Pro. Organize your clips in a structured manner, making it easier to locate and use them. This practice not only conserves time but also maintains a clear overview of all the footage, making it easier to identify which clips are essential for your video ad. It also enables better control over your project.

Applying Plugins

Begin by researching and selecting the appropriate plugins that align with your creative vision for the ad. Ensure that the plugins are compatible with your version of your  Adobe Premiere Pro before installation. Also, craft a backup or duplicate of your clips before applying any plugins as a precautionary measure. This safety net ensures that you can revert to your original footage if necessary. Experiment with different settings and adjustments and finetune parameters like color grading, filters, and transitions. Layer effects for more unique and layered visuals.

Editing and Timing

The pace of your video ads impacts how your audience perceives and engages with your content. The ideal pace can vary depending on the length of your video ad. Shorter ads may require a faster pace to convey the message quickly, while longer ads can afford a more relaxed pace. You may influence the pace by using editing techniques such as cuts, transitions, and effects.  Faster cuts and dynamic transitions can increase the sense of urgency, while slower transitions and fade-ins or outs can create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sound Effects

Video ads should deliver a positive learning experience. To achieve this, start by using high-quality audio files of recordings. Ensure that audio levels are balanced throughout your video. Avoid distortion or overly quiet segments. Additionally, clean background noise or unwanted sounds. Attain these steps by utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro’s robust audio editing tools.

Exporting and Optimization

After finalizing your video, make sure to export it according to your desired specifications and quality standards. Opt for a video format that aligns with your distribution platform and meets your video quality requirements. Adjust the resolution to match the dimensions of your desired platform or screen size, and select a frame rate that complements your video content and target audience. Adobe Premiere Pro provides a range of export presets designed for different platforms, simplifying this process for you. 

Must-Try Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

BjK Production’s 10,000+ Plugins Bundle

BjK Productions has launched an expansive editing toolkit that features 10,000 plus plugins that seamlessly integrate into Premiere Pro. This comprehensive toolkit encompasses all the essentials required to craft flawless video advertisements, such as transitions, effects, titles, intros, color presets, and even sound effects. Once acquired, you won’t need to look for any additional resources. Moreover, BjK Production offers assistance for installing the toolkit, ensuring a smooth set-up process. They also offer other plugin bundles you may choose from to elevate your videos.

Red Giant Universe

Red Giant Universe is a collection of over 80 plugins that add various visual effects and transitions to your videos. Whether you like to create eye-catching text animations, simulate lens flares, or stunning color grades, Red Giant Universe has got you covered. 

Twitch By Video Copilot

Twitch allows you to add dynamic glitch effects to your videos This trendy effect is widely used in modern video ads to grab viewer’s attention and create a sense of excitement. With Twitch, you can customize the intensity and timing of glitches, adding a unique touch to your ads.

20 Cinematic 4K Color Grading LUTS by BJK Production

The 20 Cinema 4K Color Grading LUTS has a user-friendly functionality. Simply install it and apply it directly to your video clip. It's an ideal choice for achieving a cinematic and moody look because it effectively replicates the characteristics of different film stocks, making it effortless to add film grain and perform color corrections.

Mettle SkyBox Studio

With the increasing demand for 360-degree videos, Mettle SkyBox Studio steps in to provide a solution. This plugin streamlines the editing and exporting of 360-degree videos, enhancing the creation of immersive advertising experiences. You have the flexibility to incorporate text, graphics, and even 3D elements into your 360-degree ads, elevating their engagement potential.

Creating Video Ads with BjK Production

Video ads bring together two things that capture user attention: motion and audio. These components deliver a brand’s message in a personalized and easily digestible manner. 

Video ads that intrigue users with compelling calls to action are likely to achieve success while maintaining audience engagement. They offer a broader canvas, enabling the elaboration of brand messages and drawing in viewers through visual storytelling. Despite both video and image ads being visual, the human brain tends to retain messages better when presented in a video format rather than in text. Video ads also yield higher click-through rates compared to banner ads.

While video ads have well-documented effectiveness, their success hinges significantly on the uniqueness and skillful combination of audio and video clips to convey the intended message. To ensure that a brand's creative assets maintain their message during the editing process, plugins come into play. These plugins alleviate the burden on content creators, aiding in the creation of distinctive video ad content that seamlessly integrates a brand message, formulates content strategies, and ensures it reaches the target audience.

BjK Productions, a creative marketplace for content creators, offers a selection of plugin bundles catering to the diverse needs of video ad creators. Equipped with tools spanning transitions, effects, sound effects, color grading, and more, creators have access to an extensive pool of editing assets to fulfill both their visual and marketing objectives.

Choose a plugin bundle from BjK Productions today and kickstart your journey to crafting video ads that drive conversions!





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