Creating Instagram Stories to Attract Traffic and Conversion

Before the advent of Instagram Reels where we unknowingly spent time, we first got immersed in Instagram Stories. Geared towards encompassing a wider array of users’ day-to-day visuals, Instagram introduced “stories”﹣an extra channel for short-lived content that remains viewable for only 24 hours after being posted.

IG Stories offer brands a perfect channel to venture into diverse content apart from their carefully curated feeds, as Stories disappear in just a day. Advertisers and digital marketers harness Stories to present a spectrum of content, ranging from unedited glimpses into the brand's routines to images spotlighting products. Additionally, they also leverage IG Stories for advertising purposes, featuring ads and limited-time promotions to enhance website traffic and boost conversions. To craft visually captivating content that resonates with their intended audience, they often employ Instagram story templates.

Understanding Instagram Stories

An Instagram Story represents an in-app feature that enables users to share photos or videos that naturally vanish after 24 hours. They are presented in a vertical layout, intentionally designed to be swift, memorable, and enjoyable. 

Instagrams Stories addresses concerns about excessive posting by allowing users to share their heart's content throughout the day, expressing their creativity limitlessly. They also can bring their stories to life with texts and drawing tools, or by making use of the After Effects Instagram Story template bundle. The images and videos fade away after a day, without making an appearance in the user's profile feed.

When users share a Story, a lively ring surrounds their profile indicating to their followers that they can simply tap the image to access their latest update. Additionally, their profile, adorned with the vibrant ring, claims a spot in the topmost row of their follower’s home screen, becoming the initial visual that captures their attention.

Instagram Stories Features to Enhance Engagement, Traffic, and Conversion

The strength of Instagram Stories lies in their ability to cultivate loyalty and enhance engagement by adding a more personal aspect to a brand. Sharing genuine, relatable, or captivating narratives through a series of Instagram Stories can inspire a desire within a brand’s followers to consistently revisit their Instagram Profile and actively interact with the content- ultimately paving the path for conversions.

Instagram has taken an additional step in enabling brands to utilize the power of Stories and create compelling content. The next time you embark on sharing a new story, consider incorporating these elements:

Add Yours Sticker

Instagram’s Add Yours Sticker was released in November 2021. The feature enables creators to establish public threads, connecting content that shares a common theme. As additional users incorporate their Stories using the sticker it generates a chain of content.

The primary objective behind this feature is to promote user collaboration. Further, it aids in enhancing the brand visibility: by clicking on the sticker within a person's Story, Instagram reveals all individuals who have contributed to a particular thread.

Stories Captions Sticker

The Stories Captions Sticker functionality enables users to add text descriptions to their Instagram Stories. This feature was introduced to provide a more inclusive and accessible experience for audiences, especially those who might have difficulty hearing or understanding the audio in a Story. While currently limited to English-speaking regions, Instagram has intentions to expand its availability to various languages shortly.

Shopping Sticker (for business accounts with Instagram Shopping set up)

This feature facilitates a seamless shopping experience within Stories. It empowers users to tag products directly in their Stories, enabling viewers to explore and purchase items with ease. It enables creators to transform their Stories into interactive storefronts, enhancing convenience and accessibility for their audience. 

Quiz Sticker

Users create quizzes within their Stories, inviting viewers to participate and test their knowledge on a specific topic. Incorporating the Quiz Sticker lets brands foster user interaction and curiosity, making their content more entertaining and educational. 

Question Sticker

Brands can utilize the Questions Sticker to invite questions from their audience, encouraging direct engagement and dialogue. This feature allows brands to prompt viewers to ask anything, sparking conversations and deepening connections.

Poll Sticker

The Poll Sticker lets audiences vote on a specific question or topic. With this feature, creators can prompt viewers to make choices and share their preferences. It also provides an engaging way to gather insights, opinions, and preferences from followers, enhancing the interactive and conversational nature of Instagram Stories.

Countdown Sticker

With the Countdown Sticker, creators can generate excitement among their audience and encourage them to participate in upcoming activities. The Countdown Sticker allows for the personalization of event names, dates, and times, keeping viewers engaged and informed about important milestones and events.

Story Link Sticker (alternative for the Swipe-Up Feature)

While the Swipe-Up feature is exclusively accessible to business accounts boasting over 10,000 followers, Instagram's Story Link Sticker offers creators with a smaller following the opportunity to effortlessly direct their audience to external websites, articles, products, and various online destinations. This feature serves as a means to attract traffic and facilitate the continued expansion of their page, ensuring a seamless connection between their content and online resources.

How To Create Instagram Stories

Crafting Compelling Instagram Stories

Storytelling: Unveiling your narrative

Before crafting an Instagram Story, strategize the narrative you intend to express. Determine the pivotal aspects, messages, or occurrences you aim to share. Segment your narrative into a series of interlinked stories, with each subsequent installment building upon its predecessor. This progression fosters an atmosphere of anticipation and intrigue among your audience.

Visual Brilliance: Eye-catching imagery and videos

Instagram is a highly visual platform, and captivating visuals are more likely to catch the eye of users as they scroll through their feeds. An appealing visual immediately grabs attention, encouraging users to stop and engage with your content.

To streamline your design process, you can make use of After Effects templates for Instagram Stories. These templates offer a convenient way to conserve time, as they come with user-friendly editing options and extensive customizable capabilities. You can effortlessly tailor these templates to align with your brand’s color scheme, font choices, and overall visual style.

Engaging Your Audience

Sparking conversations with interactive elements

Employ interactive features to captivate your audience and encourage their active participation. Consistently interact with the feedback you receive by addressing comments, providing answers, and recognizing participants. This creates a two-way conversation and encourages a greater number of individuals to take part. Additionally, keep the interactive elements aligned with your content and branded identity to ensure a cohesive and meaningful conversation.

Utilize the Swipe-Up Feature

The “Swipe-Up” feature in Instagram refers to the ability to add a link to your Instagram Stories that viewers can access by swiping upwards on their screens. Use this feature to spark engagement by sharing valuable and relevant content such as blog posts, articles, videos, product pages, landing pages, event registrations, and more. Provide exclusive content or unique incentives to your audience to encourage them to swipe up. 

Optimizing For Searchability

Boost Searchability Using Keyword-Rich Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to enhance your discovery and engagement. Instagram’s algorithm showcases posts that feature hashtags, enabling users to delve into content that resonates with their preferences. Moreover, the Explore page on Instagram tailors a custom feed of content, influenced by users’ interactions, encompassing the hashtags they interact with. Hashtags can also be trailed following user interests, amplifying content visibility through clicks, and establishing a bridge between users and your brand within your specific niche and community.

Tapping Local Audience Through Location Tagging

Interacting with your local audience nurtures a feeling of community and inclusion. This interaction facilitates a connection with individuals who inhabit the same geographic region, establishing a more profound connection. Engaging your local audience can enhance patronage for your local enterprises. Advocating for and partnering with neighboring establishments empowers you to contribute to the regional economy and fortify alliances. Customizing your marketing endeavors to suit the local audience enables the creation of culturally and socially significant campaigns, fostering a deeper resonance with individuals in your vicinity.

Analytics and Continuous Improvement

For ongoing enhancement of your Instagram story posts, it's crucial to monitor and evaluate metrics like complete story viewers, exit points, and engagements including taps, responses, and sticker interactions. These metrics serve as indicators in the assessment of effective aspects and areas needing improvement within your Instagram Story strategy. Through experimentation utilizing various content formats, styles, and interactive elements guided by the insights you accumulate, you can consistently elevate the quality of your story posts.

Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level with After Effect Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram is inherently visual. As users browse their feeds, they are quickly drawn to superior images, visually pleasing layouts, and captivating graphics. Successful storytelling equally hinges on the ability to present compelling visuals.

For crafting particularly captivating Instagram Stories, you can utilize Instagram After Effects Templates by BJK Production. This resource offers a collection of 12 distinct templates that can be personalized to align with your brand. These templates come in various resolutions, perfectly suited for Instagram Stories dimensions. Further, the package includes tutorials to assist you in seamlessly integrating these templates into your brand aesthetics.

Explore BJK Production, your creative elements marketplace with an array of additional Instagram Story templates and many more. Take a look and take your Instagram Stories to the next level! 


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