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Refund Policy

Because we are a platform, these rules outline what you can expect from the authors of the items you buy. They apply to all authors and customers.

The products that authors sell on the platform are digital goods and cannot be “returned”, so your entitlement to a refund is designed with this in mind.

Before you ask for a refund from BjK Productions


If you have purchased an item from any category on BjK Productions Market and you are experiencing a technical issue with the item we recommend that you contact us and seek assistance. Often our technical team will be able to help to troubleshoot your problem.

You can request a refund within the first 7 days from the date of purchase. We may ask you to provide supporting documentation or evidence. Any refund issued by BjK Productions is entirely discretionary.

We will make a decision within 30 days after you request a refund based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.

BjK Productions is not obliged to give policy refunds in any of the situations listed below

●  You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it

●  The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality

●  You simply change your mind

●  You bought an item by mistake

●  Technical support provided for an additional fee

●  You do not have sufficient expertise or software to use the item.

●  You claim that you are entitled to a refund but do not provide sufficient.


●  You can no longer access the item because it has been removed from our store or the author who previously provided the item is no longer active on our platform (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).

We understand, however, that there may be circumstances in which you would expect to be provided with a refund.

●  You purchased two identical packages at the same time and want to get a refund for one

●  If you have not downloaded a purchased item within 3 days from the date of purchase, you may be eligible for a refund. You will be required to provide additional information in order for us to verify your claim that you have not downloaded an item.

Version 1.1 – Effective date: February 2021



  • We are NOT responsible for any previous purchase you made which you lost the PDF and download links.


  • If it’s been over 6 months you can not request a new download to a product you made.


  • In order to avoid these situations we suggest you make sure you save the PDF file and save it to your computer.


  • OR you can become a Prime Member and get access to any files at any times.