Adobe Premiere Pro Glitch Text

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Glitch Text Preset

Hello everyone! We are here again with another awesome tutorial.  At BJK Productions, we ensure we flow with the trends, by creating really amazing presets that will boost your video editing skills and also contribute to making you a professional video editor.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 is one of the best video editing tools to use if you intend to get really creative and productive, because the app was created to help keep your projects neat and organized, while being optimized for speed, and you only just have to drag, drop and in some cases edit texts if needs be.

Today’s tutorial is about applying this epic Glitch Text Transition effect to your videos, and as with all of our other tutorials, this one is nice and will enhance your creativity, while improving the quality of your videos, using the Adobe Premiere Pro.

This preset is available for download on our website, so make sure to download it and other wonderful presets, so we can get kicking with video editing.

Let’s begin:

  • The very first step involves launching the Adobe Pro Premier app on your PC, then import the clip to the app.
  • Import a clip to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, then click on the text “T” icon from the pane on the left, then type the text you want and use whatever font you want to. Do not go over to the video effects to change the scale position, because that will take it out of place. From the effects control, scroll down till you see the typed text, then you can alter the size and position as you wish.
  • After typing and aligning the text, go to the presets panel and drag the glitch text effect of your choice and drop on to the text, and that’s it.
  • And there, you are done adding a glitch effect to the text on your video, pretty easy. There is so many text transition presets that you can get from our blog, make sure you get them and get creative with them as you come up with really innovative ideas.

The Glitch Text Transition is more appreciated in music videos, I bet you when you add the glitch text to a music video, the music video will be so insane, you’ll have A-list artistes wanting you to edit their videos. So from what you have learned in the steps above, try it on a music video while adjusting the position and transition speed, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be so impressed with yourself.

Note that there are two types of whip transition presets, one has some shaking in it, and the other does not, and do not forget that when making transition speed adjustments, they should be done using the effects control.

Now that you know how to apply the whip transition effect, try playing around with the keyframes till it syncs with the type of video you want. If you continue at it, more creative ideas will come and your skills will get honed.

For more great video tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro presets, do not hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And always check the blog for new products; you know BJK Productions stays creating valuable content for you, our esteemed followers for free.

Please note:

  • Every file downloaded from the BJK Productions website is yours to keep for as long as you possibly can.
  • No extra licensing fees and the files can be used freely for both personal and commercial video productions, and you can use it anywhere, anytime, as you please.
  • BJK Productions constantly keeps its website updated with new products, all, because we want you to stay abreast with the latest, presets in the video editing world.
  • Our customer support is top notch and responsive, hence, we are always on hand to help you, should you experience any issue while editing. Send us an email about your issues and we will promptly respond, so your work doesn’t get delayed.

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