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Welcome guys to another episode of BJK production tutorial, today we will be unleashing a new valuable product for you guys to help you increase your creativity and improve your productivity with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 is built to help you neatly organize your project and help maximize your speed. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 does not need any after effect. You just have to simply drag and drop your files, edit text too if it is required, and boom you're done with it.

Let's go back to the tutorial, today we will be showing you guys how to use this insane warping transition preset, we all know editing presets is the future of video editing, so this preset which was created by BJK productions, will help you maximize your productivity, and at the same time improve your creativity and your professionalism.

Today I'm going to show you guys two ways to utilize my transition presets to help you increase your creativity and overall productivity.

  • The first thing you do if you want to use the warping transition preset is to drag and drop some free 4k clips, to get free 4k clips just go to Google and search for free 4k clips, download the one you like and save it on your computer.
  • Let's go ahead and import two clips, the first clips should be dragged in, then we go ahead and make a transition before we drag in another clip. Then after that, we go ahead and do some cutting.
  • Now if you want a fast transition it will be better you go 5 to 10 keyframes back on the clip next to the nest button. Now go 5 to 10 keyframes back and try to line it up with the first clip.
  • Then the next part which is the best part about this preset, where it says BJK warp in, that is the first clip, so what you're going to do is drag and drop it on to your first clip, and the next Clio is drag and drop the warp out on to that next clip, after that your work is finished.
  • So go ahead and play the edited clip to see how it looks, if you did it right it I'll look pretty insane, pretty dope. And remember this instruction is for the fast transition preset.

This next instruction is going to show you guys how to do the insane warping transition preset, but slower. This is the longer version if you want the transition to be slower.

• This is also simple, I suggest you go from maybe 10 to 20 keyframes back on the clip, then we go ahead to import the two clips we want to work on, then you go 15 to 20 keyframes back. Let's go ahead and do the BJK warp in and put it at the beginning of the clip, then we do the warp out then put it at the end. This should be a longer transition when you play it back.

• The longer transitions look pretty insane, with this slower transition you can really see the creativity in the editing, the going in of the warp and the coming out can be clearly seen with the slower transition.

So that's it from us at BJK productions, with a valuable content on this insane warping transition preset. We are always dedicated to creating valuable content that will help you increase your speed and productivity using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

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