INSANE Trippy Transition Preset (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018)

Adobe Premiere Pro Trippy Transitions

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Trippy Transitions

Video editing is the major field in video production, and if you are interested in being a video editor, and you want those dope skills that would take you to the forefront of video editing.  BJK Productions CEO Brandon, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Film Director, And Entrepreneur, with over 20,000 YouTube subscribers, over 20,000 Instagram followers. He has also garnered over 20,000 over 5 million views from his video editing tutorials. If you want to improve tour skills with the Adobe Premiere Pro Project, just check out BJK Productions Best-Selling Editing Tools, and also check out their tutorials.

In this tutorial, we are going to be teaching you how to use the Trippy Transition Preset, which we also refer to as the shaking transition preset because it shakes a lot. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this tutorial, what is an Adobe Premiere Pro Transition and Effect? Premiere Pro Presets work together with Premiere Pro CC. The project is carefully arranged and maximized for speed. There is no need for you to add after effects, just drag and drop your files, edit the text and voila! You are done.

Let’s get back to the tutorial, how do we start the shake transition preset, knowing how to do this edit will improve your editing skills, make your clients happier and improve your productivity when it comes to video editing.

  • The first thing you do is to drag the video you want to edit and drop it into the app, after doing that, you can go ahead and nest the video clip, by nesting of means you go 10 or 20 keyframes back on both clips, you highlight the clip, right click then click on nest, and name the clip whatever name you like.
  • Next thing to do is to have an adjustment layer, it is also very important you use black bars for your video, cinematic black bars makes your video look ten times better and more professional. So just go ahead and add a black bar to your video.
  • The next step in the editing process is to import the trippy transition preset, you drag and drop the presets on the clip, after dropping the trippy transition preset, to even make your video ten times better you should add a zoom to it, to zoom it you just have to go to the scale, go to the middle,  you just increase the zoom a little bit immediately it flashes, then go to the end and click the refresh button.
  • Then after that, you drag it to the end, play the clip again the video looks awesome, you get a nice zooming shake transition preset.
By adding different plug-ins to your Adobe Premier editing tool, you will always get fantastic video effects, increasing your productivity and creativity. You can do a lot of effects on your videos with the Adobe Premier presets, increasing the dopeness of your video edit. These presets are designed by BJK Productions. The great thing about these presets is that you can customize them manually, and change it to whatever you like. 

Also, note that

• All the files you download from BJK productions are yours to keep for as long as you like.

• You don’t have to pay any extra licensing fee, from personal or commercial videos, you are free to use bjk production files anywhere or anytime, even during the Super Bowl.

• BJK Productions consistently adds new products to their website. The trust you place in us is very important to us.

• At BJK productions, we have an amazing customer support, so if you get stuck, send us an email, we will quickly help you get back on track with your work.

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