Transition Effects Premiere Pro


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Transition Effects Premiere Pro


Hello everyone, welcome to another day of video editing tutorial with BJK productions. You know any day we come through we are about to give you guys valuable content, and a valuable video tutorial that will improve your skills and creativity, and up your productivity.

Today we will be talking about speed, speed is always a major problem in anything we do, as if you can increase your speed, you can increase your efficiency and your overall productivity.

Same goes for video editing, in video editing speed is always a pain, this is one of the reasons why we created our website, to give you guys the tool to help you edit faster and increase your efficiency while editing your videos. Make sure you download those videos, it will help you increase your speed and creativity.

You know how our presets are, this is just the starting point, we just teach you the basics here, after you've gotten the presets it's yours to mess with to the best of your ability.

So let's dive into this tutorial, remember the aim of this tutorial is to help you increase your overall speed and efficiency with video editing. Basically, it's just to help you edit faster with the Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • The first thing you already know, you should do is to import two clips next to each other, in this tutorial we will not be using nesting. Nesting will not work with this transition we are using for this tutorial.
  • Next thing we do is use the razor tool to cut the clip at the beginning of the clip, maybe 20 keyframes back or 15, depends on your creativity and style. After cutting from the start of the clip you just go ahead and delete it, some people will try to drag the whole transition on to the clip, do not do that, it will not work. It will look very sloppy.
  • You have to cut out a specific part if you want to use transitions, then you do a little drag and drop on to the clip, the next thing we do is to mess with the rotations, after that you can go to the tool and mess around with it to the best of your ability.
  • The first four keyframes at the beginning of the video you can move it out if you want to make the transitions a little bit longer. If you want to make the transitions faster you can push the keyframes in a little bit, the transitions will be faster, quick and easy.

Let's go ahead and do this one more time in a different way just in case you didn't understand it the first time.

  • Go ahead and drag the presets on, make sure it's in the clip, and make sure the clip is cut into a little block. Then you go to the tools and mess around with it to the best of your ability. It's all about creativity. If you want it fast we can go ahead and mess with the first four keyframes of the music video, you zoom in on it, then push it back a little, there you go, you will get a little nice transition. A little rotation transition that looks pretty dope.
  • Next thing you do is delete it and go ahead to mess with the other transition. We also have a black bar preset, next thing you will go ahead and make an adjustment layer, then you drag your adjustment layer and put it on top of your video.
  • Then you drag your black bars on top of that adjustment layers, and then you get black bars, that will look pretty cool if you do it right. It's just something to speed up your efficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Let's go ahead and mess with the two other transitions, let's first mess around with the slide right in, make sure it's at the beginning of the clips, these are not out clips. When you adjust the keyframes at the beginning of the clips you will see a nice little transition that looks pretty cool.
  • If you want to make the transitions faster or slower, just mess with the keyframes to the best of your ability. If you zoom in it looks like the two keyframes are there controlling the speed. So just mess with the two keyframes, then go ahead and play it back, what you see is a dope transition from the first video clip to the other one.

As you all can see these presets and how to go about them will increase your speed and efficiency with the Adobe Premiere Pro, you don't have to go in specifically to mess with the editing, you don't need to adjust the keyframes, it is already set. What you just need to do is adjust it to the speed you want.

That's how it’s done people!, to increase your speed and efficiency with the Adobe Premiere Pro, just get this already set down presets from BJK productions, and adjust them to the speed you want, increases your speed, creativity, and overall productivity.


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