Video Transition Effects

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Hello everyone, we are bringing to you today this tutorial for our new product, you know every time we provide a new product its valuable content that will help increase your creativity and overall productivity.

Today's package is an epic quick whip transitions package, this package is dope, helps improve the quality and creativity of your video, helps increase your professionalism and your video editing skills with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 will help improve the neatness and perfectly arrange your project. With the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 you don't need any after effect, just drag and drop your files, edit the text and you're done.

This preset can be downloaded for free, we like giving out for free because it is important to us to give back to the community, and also it makes us happy to see you succeed in your video editing career and improve your productivity.

First of all, we will like to thank everyone that subscribed to our YouTube channel, and also everyone that liked our videos, we really appreciate. I'm glad I've helped you guys improve your video editing skills.

So let's go into today's package, we got you guys a sick quick whip transition preset, we are going to be using two presets, this transition preset is slightly different from the last tutorials I've been showing you guys, for this transitions preset you don't need nesting.

  • The first thing you do is open up your Adobe Pro Premier CC 2018 application on your computer, import the two clips, the first original clip, and the other clip you want to transition into.
  • Next thing is you go 10 keyframes up, it's cool if you go 10 keyframes up if you really want a cool transition, but if you want a longer transition you can go 15 to 20 keyframes up, it will give you a slower transition.
  • But this transition tutorial is made if you want the transition to go really fast, this is why I put it at the start of the next clip. There is a left end and there is a right end. So let's go ahead and put it in the left end.
  • After that we can go ahead and play it back to see how it looks, you get a dope little quick whip transition, and of course if you want to make the transition quicker just go to effects control, then go to transform, then you can push the keyframes forward to the level of quickness you want. Remember all our presets is editable, after pushing up the keyframes, go in and play it again, you will see the insane whip transition, if you did it right it will look dope.

This whip transition is really nice for music videos, you really need to add this to music videos, it will really look insane.

  • For the music video you can mess around with the transitions, and make your transitions more insane, more dope, this presets helps increase your editing time, increase your skills, and also improve your creativity and productivity when it comes to editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • So we go ahead and mess around with the transition one more time. Let's try dragging and dropping from the right side of the clip, you will see that the transition will come from the right side of the video, and also adjust the keyframe to any transition speed that looks dope to you.

Just know that the two transition presets are different, one of the presets contain a little shaking while the other doesn't. Also, remember that to make the transitions quicker or faster just go to effects control and adjust the settings.

  • So go around and mess with the keyframe till it fits the style of your video. These presets will help you increase your creativity and your skills with your music video. So there you go, you have lots of options on how to edit your videos using our insane quick whip transition preset.

You should also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get more tutorials on different Adobe Premiere Pro presets to help you improve your creativity and productivity, you know how we do at BJK productions, always producing valuable content to you guys for free.

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