EPIC Ghosting Transition Preset (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018)

Adobe Premiere Pro Transition

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Ghosting Transition Effect

Video editing is a really vital part of video production that should not be trifled with, or the end result would be a mess. If it is your dream to become a video editor, then I would gladly tell you that it is achievable.

Now let’s get down to show you how you can add the ghosting transition effect to your videos to give it that dope ghosty feels.

  • First things first, open the Adobe Premiere Pro Project application on your PC, then drag the video you intend to edit on to the app. The next thing is to nest the video clip(s), and this involves going some 10 or 20 frames back on the clip(s), then highlighting the clips. After highlighting, right click and select “Nest”, then it is up to you to name the clip(s) whatever you want.
  • After going through the quick process of nesting, the next thing to do will be to add an adjustment layer and the best for this is to use black bars. The importance of cinematic black bars cannot be overemphasized because they make your videos look way better, and also add professionalism to the videos. So go ahead and make your video topnotch by adding a black bar.
  • The next step after the adjustment layer is to add the Ghosting Transition Preset, and this is as simple as just dragging and dropping the Ghosting Transition Preset on the clip. Now you are more than halfway away from fully editing the clip using the Ghosting Transition Effect. What’s next is increasing the beauty of the clip by adding a zoom effect to it, and all you need to do is go the middle of the clip’s scale and begin to increase the zoom until a flash is noticed, then got to the end of the scale and hit the refresh button.
  • Now drag to the end, and play the whole clip again, to see the masterpiece you have created. You love it, yeah? Well, that’s how to go about it. Pretty straightforward if you ask me.

Working with the Adobe Premiere editing tool makes your video edits awesome, to enjoy it even better, you should add more plug-ins/presets, because they make your videos come alive with the breathtaking video effects, and this will, in turn, enhance your creativity and productivity. Using Adobe Premiere Presets takes you to a whole new world of awesome video editing effects, and in turn, making you turn into the video editing pro you intend to be.

The video presets are created by BJK Productions and one interesting thing about the presets is that they are 100% customizable; this means you can tailor the presets to suit your desired purpose. That’s just awesome!

It is also important that you note these:

  • Whatever files you download from the BJK Productions website are yours to keep for as long as you can keep them, this means they do not come with expiry dates.
  • You also do not have to pay any licensing fees whatsoever as the presets are free to use whether it be for personal or commercial purposes. The BJK Production files can be used anywhere, anytime, in any situation (as long as it has to do with video editing), even if it is during the Super Bowl.
  • We will not stop adding new products regularly because we know you trust us to constantly update our content, and we do not intend to joke with the trust because that’s what keeps us going the extra mile to do more.
  • At BJK Productions, our customer support is topnotch, and we are always ready to assist you when you experience issues. Send us an email when you get stuck, and we will come through.

Brandon is BJK Productions’ CEO and is also an Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, and Film Director. His ever-growing YouTube audience has a subscriber count of over 20,000 with over 5 million views from his video editing tutorials and an Instagram follower count of over 20,000.

If you have the Adobe Premiere Pro Project and would love to get better at video editing, then you should go through BJK Productions Best-Selling Editing Tools, and get their tutorials too.

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