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Music video editing which is the manipulation and arrangement of video clips or video shot is an important part of video production. You can base video editing to structure and present your video clips in a way that will appeal to the visual sense of the people viewing the video.

BJK Productions are in the business of video editing, video editing tutorials, and creation of plug-ins that you can use to add amazing effects to your videos.

BJK Productions CEO, is a certified personal trainer, film director, and entrepreneur, he has 20,000 plus YouTube subscribers, 20,000 plus Instagram followers, he has also amassed over 20,000 views from his YouTube channel, and over 5 million views from his video editing tutorials.

In today's video, we will be bringing to you another valuable preset that you guys can exploit to the best of your ability. This video will help you increase your editing skills and your overall productivity.

This video will be giving you guys a dope Music Video Transitions pack you can utilize. This transitions package is used by big music production companies like Jerry productions, Azae Productions, they all make use of this presets that we are going to make use of in this tutorial.

We made this preset for you guys to add to your videos or films, or for any video that you want to edit. This preset gives you the push to add more creativity to your video.

  • For this Transition tutorial, we will be doing nesting, we will not be splitting video in this tutorials by frame, so let's go to the first clip and go 10 to 20 keyframes back, we go to the other clip, and click 10 to 20 keyframes back. Next, we highlight both of the clips, right click and we click on nest.
  • After clicking on nest we add a transition to the clip, after adding the transition to the clip, play the video and you see an awesome transition from one part of the video to the next part. The great thing about this transition is that you can use it as an effect.
  • If you want to make the transitions faster, all you have to do is highlight the first keyframes, push it in, then go to the last keyframes, scroll all the way up and push it in too. Then you can see the speed in the transition of the video.
  • You can also make the transition longer just click on the keyframes and push it back, it will make the transitions a lot longer.
  • You should notice that both transitions look kind of the same, but they are not the same basically, they have different presets, one of them doesn't have a flash, while the other has.

That is basically the rundown of how to set transitions on your music video using the Adobe



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